Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Paige Evans Take me away

I have a whole bunch of layouts to share with you today using the Page Evans Take Me Away collection.  Looking back over the layouts, I'm surprised that more are not pink and at how much green I used but I'm happy with the lot I have created.  I still have another couple of layouts that could be made from the range too!

The first layout I created was not what I planned but my obsession with sewing and die cutting made me do it.  This is a pretty soft and quiet page for me with the lovely woodgrain background tho I could not help adding lots of the beautiful pearly hearts from the thickers.  I added one of the little paperclips as well, these are so sweet.

The next layout is the layout I planned on making to start with, well the photo and all the layers beneath.  I didn't like how it was turning out tho so changed things up and used the lovely green ombre background.  This is a bit unusual for me in that I have three photos on this layout but they all need to be there to tell the story (despite having already told the story in my project life, sometimes I just need to tell it twice hehe).  I decided to go with a diagonal design and added some of the yummy chipboard from the collection in both corners to balance it out.  The pearly thickers made another appearance, oh I just love these ones!

I had a bit of a break from this range but came back with a vengeance and created 4 more layouts plus 1 project life layout over about four days...Isn't it strange how sometimes coming back to something brings a lot more inspiration? Oh and a card!

My third layout was a totally difference look.  I decided to pull the yellows and greys from the collection and I did plan on not adding anymore colour but wanted to add the chipboard floral piece so I decided a little bit of pink and green would be ok.  This layout is part of the December challenge for the Paper Teapot facebook group but I won't tell you what the challenge is!  It was going to be a pretty minimalistic layout too but as usual, I couldn't stop myself and once I started adding floral bits, I thought...heck!  It's a photo of my graduation and wreaths are sort of scholarly right, lets form a wreath around the photo. Hah!  So I did, and I love it, but then I really really really love wreaths.  I also added the yellow tassel from one of the Paper Teapots embellishment packs...so cute!  I do need to add the date yet, it was a long time ago so I need to find my degree!  Scary..it was almost 20 years...eek!

The next thing I wanted to tackle was the stunning acetate.  I'm sure I am not the only person who has this and thought it was lovely but wondered how to use it.  I knew I would not use it all in one layout so I fussy cut one bunch of florals out and them looked at what to use behind this.  I started with white cardstock and this would have been lovely but because I was using this beach photo and I had another piece of green ombre paper, I tried the floral over this.  I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked as I thought it might have altered the floral colours too much. I really wanted the lovely woodgrain paper on this layout too so matted the entire layout with it.   There was the cute cutapart that I decided to use as my title adding on the word sweetheart with letter stickers and the final touch was the bow from the chipboard sheet.  Another not so embellished layout....I have been restrained!

My next layout is the one that took me the longest and was the hardest to complete.  I've never been very good at sticking to things when I get bored.  There...I admit it! hah!  My mother used to get pretty frustrated with me as I wanted to do things but then once I had tested it...that was it, over it and didn't really care anymore.  I guess that is why my scrapbook is full of lovely things and why I enjoy it so much because I can get something done and then be on to the next thing.  Now, I do enjoy cross stitch, I really do, even tho it takes ages.  My mother will be pleased to hear me say that as her love is embroidery.  However...cross stitching on a piece of paper is NOT for me.  I admire Paige Evans hand stitching on her pages but I'm for sure not going to be one of those scrappers. EVER!  I was bored of stitching about two minutes into it because it took longer than I expected and was trickier than I thought.  But I finally finished this layout using the cross stitch design as my template.

Here is a close up of the stitching.  I added some watercolours using the packaging technique and Tim Holtz inks.

My next page was a pocket page and I used a green paper as my background and cut it into pieces to fit the pockets.  I used a few embellishments from my stash including butterflies from the WRMK wildflower collection which is one of my favourite ever collections.

My final page, I used a lot of large pieces of paper on and machine stitched around them all.  I used the same green paper as I used in the pocket pages...this seems a shame as the reverse side is a jolly nice woodgrain!

And that is it.  Except for the shaker card I made using a heart die cut left over, some of the acetate and sequins from The Paper Teapot embellishment packs.  This was fun..and I don't make cards!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Make a wish - Now I am 4 and So much fantastic fun

I love Cocoa Vanilla and Make a Wish is a fabulous bright collection which is all I could ask for in a collection really!  There are loads of fabulous embellishments with each collection which suits my magpie tendencies quite nicely and I especially love the vellum pieces!  I have created two layouts so far, one for my daughters 4th birthday, and one of her at the park.  I would also like to make a more boyish page for my sons birthday so I will share that when I get it done.

Here is the birthday layout, which is over the top but suits my wee girl so much as she is often over the top.  I decided to use a birthday card she received as the title piece as the colours fit nicely and it's a cool way to add something to a page as a keepsake.  

As you can see, I attempted to tone down the background paper (but how could I not use the full sheet, it is seriously my favourite thing in the collection) by adding some vellum but it didn't really tone down the page much!  I'm all good with that though as I love the loudness.  I adding lots of layers behind the photos as well as one of the gorgeous doilies and then went crazy with the embellishments (I could go crazier, truly I could).  My favourite embellishment is the cake with a bow on it, how cute.  And yes...my daughter is wearing a hair band like a sweat band.  Love her!

My second layout was actually supposed to be the first as I decided to use the Tim Holtz distress crayons for a background to tie in with the cut apart. When I started creating with that background and the birthday photo though, it just didn't feel quite right as it felt to airy and summery.  I had another photo (not actually a summer one) that I wanted to scrap so I  decided to set aside the background for later.  Here is the finished layout, sorry it is a bit wobbly.

I was very excited to discover that I had washi tape that worked perfectly so put strips of that up either side and I knew I wanted to use lots of florals so used a large piece of the floral paper as a strip too.  My title is rather convoluted....I carried it down to the cutapart and then on with the & and heart, so it reads There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy & you are 1.  I'm quite enjoying doing the odd extra long title just for a change.
The wood veneer heart and the sequins were from the embellishment packs Joanna has in store and the fantastic in the title was from the Paige Evans Take me away collection.  

49 & Market..My sweet kitty and XOXO

Hi Natalia here with two layouts I created with 49 & Market papers.  I was pretty nervous when Joanna sent me these as I'm not very good with shabby chic or mixed media so I wasn't entirely sure how things would turn out.

Here is the first layout I did, with what I would consider to be lots of mixed media hah!  I was inspired by Sharon Newport with this one, from modge podging old book paper to using watercolours on my page.  I did forget one vital thing tho...I didn't clear gesso my base page!

I love how this range has purple in it, as I had purples flowers in my wedding bouquet and my cake flowers.  I enhanced the purple by using purple water colours and purple flowers.  

My second  layout is of my darling cat Charlie who died last July aged 18.  He had been part of my life for such a long time that I have been putting off scrapping any pages because I knew I would find it hard.  Anyone with fur babies will understand!

I decided to make a plainer, less exploratory page for this so the only mixed media is on the chipboard which is a Blue Fern dangle that I cut in half and even then, it is just paint.  

This was another page with undertones of purple but I tried to keep from it being to purple as I wanted the bring out the warm reddish tones as that seemed more cat like!  This page was more about the fussy cutting which I still love to do.  The trouble with fussy cutting can be knowing when to stop, it is so tempting to just keep adding more and more...

I still have some paper left, and I'm trying to decide if I try some more mixed media as the paper is very very sturdy and holds up really well.