Friday, 18 November 2016

49 & Market..My sweet kitty and XOXO

Hi Natalia here with two layouts I created with 49 & Market papers.  I was pretty nervous when Joanna sent me these as I'm not very good with shabby chic or mixed media so I wasn't entirely sure how things would turn out.

Here is the first layout I did, with what I would consider to be lots of mixed media hah!  I was inspired by Sharon Newport with this one, from modge podging old book paper to using watercolours on my page.  I did forget one vital thing tho...I didn't clear gesso my base page!

I love how this range has purple in it, as I had purples flowers in my wedding bouquet and my cake flowers.  I enhanced the purple by using purple water colours and purple flowers.  

My second  layout is of my darling cat Charlie who died last July aged 18.  He had been part of my life for such a long time that I have been putting off scrapping any pages because I knew I would find it hard.  Anyone with fur babies will understand!

I decided to make a plainer, less exploratory page for this so the only mixed media is on the chipboard which is a Blue Fern dangle that I cut in half and even then, it is just paint.  

This was another page with undertones of purple but I tried to keep from it being to purple as I wanted the bring out the warm reddish tones as that seemed more cat like!  This page was more about the fussy cutting which I still love to do.  The trouble with fussy cutting can be knowing when to stop, it is so tempting to just keep adding more and more...

I still have some paper left, and I'm trying to decide if I try some more mixed media as the paper is very very sturdy and holds up really well.  

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