Friday, 18 November 2016

Make a wish - Now I am 4 and So much fantastic fun

I love Cocoa Vanilla and Make a Wish is a fabulous bright collection which is all I could ask for in a collection really!  There are loads of fabulous embellishments with each collection which suits my magpie tendencies quite nicely and I especially love the vellum pieces!  I have created two layouts so far, one for my daughters 4th birthday, and one of her at the park.  I would also like to make a more boyish page for my sons birthday so I will share that when I get it done.

Here is the birthday layout, which is over the top but suits my wee girl so much as she is often over the top.  I decided to use a birthday card she received as the title piece as the colours fit nicely and it's a cool way to add something to a page as a keepsake.  

As you can see, I attempted to tone down the background paper (but how could I not use the full sheet, it is seriously my favourite thing in the collection) by adding some vellum but it didn't really tone down the page much!  I'm all good with that though as I love the loudness.  I adding lots of layers behind the photos as well as one of the gorgeous doilies and then went crazy with the embellishments (I could go crazier, truly I could).  My favourite embellishment is the cake with a bow on it, how cute.  And daughter is wearing a hair band like a sweat band.  Love her!

My second layout was actually supposed to be the first as I decided to use the Tim Holtz distress crayons for a background to tie in with the cut apart. When I started creating with that background and the birthday photo though, it just didn't feel quite right as it felt to airy and summery.  I had another photo (not actually a summer one) that I wanted to scrap so I  decided to set aside the background for later.  Here is the finished layout, sorry it is a bit wobbly.

I was very excited to discover that I had washi tape that worked perfectly so put strips of that up either side and I knew I wanted to use lots of florals so used a large piece of the floral paper as a strip too.  My title is rather convoluted....I carried it down to the cutapart and then on with the & and heart, so it reads There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy & you are 1.  I'm quite enjoying doing the odd extra long title just for a change.
The wood veneer heart and the sequins were from the embellishment packs Joanna has in store and the fantastic in the title was from the Paige Evans Take me away collection.  

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