Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Magical Moments with Julie Best

I have two new projects that I am starting this year, this tends to happen every year but one of my projects is more important than any other, so I have to commit to it and get it done. You can join me on the journey if you like.
My Aunty has been diagnosed with late stage alzheimers and I am not being mean to say that it has turned her into a pleasant, happy elderly woman (who loves to dance A LOT), but with a terribly bad memory.
She enjoys living in the past, but this means that she can sometimes (or a lot) forget who her now family is. So this year I am making her a family tree album. I will start with my Aunty and Uncle  and add all the children, grandchildren and if I can get it done, the great grandchildren, I will name them and put current occupations and where they now live, like an indepth phone book. Unluckily for me, my family are great at children making. This is a labour of love my Aunty will love it and will be able to remind herself when confusion sets in who she is talking to, the challenge will be in getting her to remember where the book is.
Joanna has ordered me in Simple Stories Snap 6 x 8 album so she can keep it by her phone for a quick reference.
Even without alzheimers I figure this is a great xmas idea for family far away, or for those getting older, we all like those nostalgic moments, damn it I think I may have talked myself into a few more projects..
Magical Moments
The second project, is to order the same size albums as a miniature project life. I am terrible at project life and ended up feeling pressured to complete it even though I was only doing monthly. However the great thing about project life, is you record things of interest and not have to do it in a 12 x 12, which was time consuming and also people would wonder why there was a 12 x 12 of concrete kerbing in your album. So I am doing an album for each of the boys labelled Magical Moments, I have the feeling a family one may also appear. I will not put any pressure on myself to have them all be works of art they may just be a page of journaling to record that particular moment, nothing may happen for a few months but then three things may happen in one month. The great thing about doing it is that it will record the boys special moments throughout the year in order. I am super excited about this as I often put off scrapping photos for their 12 x 12 because the photo may not be good quality or I haven’t quite caught the moment, in these albums it will not matter it is the moment that counts.

If anyone is interested I am happy to post progress on these albums as I go and you may want to join in, I would love to have some company in what is project life but not, full page scrapping but not. Come and be a rebel with me..

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  1. What a fantastic idea Julie. I especially love what you are doing for your aunty.


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